a state of mind and train of thought, based on the contrast and contradiction between what society deems to be “normal” and “weird”,
and basically renders the dictionary definitions of said words non-existent.

NORMVL is an independent record label and multimedia design studio & consultancy based in Johannesburg, South Africa, founded in 2014 by Lwandile Nkanyuza.

NORMVL was initially introduced by Lwandile as an ideology that questioned society’s ideas of what is constituted as “normal” & “weird”, in an attempt to find and define his own footprint within the space. As ByLwansta, he then released a mixtape titled NORMVL in that same year, and later on began using the title as an alias under which he credited his design work and the creative solutions that he provided to various clients within the creative space – thus establishing NORMVL as a service provider for music and art practitioners alike.