Feb. 2020




Client: ByLwansta

Strategy, Creative & Art Direction, Graphic & Layout Design, and Photography: Lwandile Nkanyuza

SPIJØNGET (Chapter Two)-01

Photography for the cover art took place in 2015 in my home town Kokstad. I had just been gifted an iPhone 5C by my father. My sister and I took to the yard one afternoon, photographing, creating compositions, art directing for a brief that would only exist in 5 years. The final image used on the cover is a "photobash" of the bottom two of the photos, one had the most desirable composition, and the other had the tear running down the cheek, as a result of my sister's sinus.


From the EP series' first instalment, SPIJØNGET (Chapter One), a 4-colour swatch at the top right corner of the cover art was employed as a subtle tool to brand the series without creating an obvious template. This way, each Chapter could exist and be treated as a separate release visually and conceptually, with the colour swatch being the only tie-in element. The colour swatch is sourced from the cover photograph itself, with each colour representing each of the 4 tracks on the EP.

SPIJØNGET (Chapter Two)

The African Lily, scientifically known as AGAPANTHUS AFRICANUS became one of the EP's most distinctive visual elements. Leading up to the EP's release in February, and in the middle of the content roll out, the African Lily was in season and blooming, and worked very well, hand-in-hand with the content we generated. Supporters and those anticipating the release would post and tag ByLwansta in photos in their stories and posts of African Lillies they had come across, expressing their excitment.