SPIJØNGET (Chapter Three) is an EP by South African rapper and producer ByLwansta. Concluding the EP trilogy he began in 2019 with the release of SPIJØNGET (Chapter One), Chapter Three introduces ByLwansta at his most mature, using his eloquent storytelling ability to take listeners on a journey with a now more accomplished young man who has finally found balance bothin his life. ByLwansta muses on this new found balance in his life and career as an artist-entrepreneur as well as the end of the relationship that inspired Chapter One, bringing many of the topics explored in both the previous Chapters to a close. While the project is without a doubt a great conclusion to ByLwansta’s coming-of-age, love story, it begins a brand new Chapter for the rapper going into the new year.

Recorded: Johannesburg, SA
Genre: Alternative Hip Hop

Length: 14:30
Producer(s): ByLwansta (exec.), Al da 3rd, Kimosabe

Features: ThatoFeels, Alisha Rosa, Some.Unique.Individual & Rāms

Photography: Modupi 
Design: NORMVL