With assists from frequent collaborators, Kimosabe & ZULO (fka Lil Trix), as well as new collaborations with Durban-based Lungelo Manzi, LA-based German producer Robot Koch & the Jozi-based Solo Ntsizwa Ka Mthimkhulu, ByLwansta showcases his growth once again as a songwriter and producer, but more specifically as a collaborator. Opening Chapter Two with a powerful chorus by Lungelo Manzi on “HOW ‘BOUT NOW?”, ByLwansta recounts his often conflicted relationship with a career in graphic design and pursuing music. 

Johannesburg only made the task of choosing ever more frustrating, with one offering obvious stabilty, and the other offering a mental solace. Now a Johannesburg resident, faced with challenges that weren’t present from the safety of his comfort zone, ByLwansta finds himself at the mercy of a side of Jozi that he’s known about but now experiences first hand, being mugged at gun-point on “NIGHTCRAWLERZ” with older brother Kimosabe on the chorus. 

Johannesburg would keep it’s promise of opportunity and ByLwansta would expand his horizons and find himself traveling to Paris, Berlin and the United States in 2019. 3-weeks after the traumatic experience, ByLwansta would find himself finding solace riding a bike in Berlin on the EP’s first single, “THE BIKE SONG”, assisted by Robot Koch. In the process of riding away from his problems, having already moved to Johannesburg in 2019, ByLwansta leaves his Chapter One’s muse in Durban. Assisted by ZULO & Solo Ntsizwa Ka Mthimkhulu on “OKAY, FINE”, he recounts his now long-distance relationship and the discomfort and confliction he has to deal with, hoping the move will bare fruit and have been worth it, while hoping his girlfriend is patient enough for him to see it all through. *cues STAY NAKED* With the release of Chapter One & Two, SPIJØNGET now sits at 8 songs, with ByLwansta promising 4 more with the remaining Chapter Three.

Recorded: Johannesburg, SA, Durban, SA, Berlin, Germany
Genre: Hip Hop, Alternative Hip Hop

Length: 14:57
Producer(s): ByLwansta (exec.), Robot Koch & Sakhumzi Mngomeni
Features: Lungelo Manzi, Kimosabe, Robot Koch, ZULO & Solo Ntsizwa Ka Mthimkhulu

Art Direction, Photography & Design: ByLwansta