ByLwansta feat. Robot Koch

7 February 2020

THE BIKE SONG is a song by South African rapper ByLwansta and award-winning German electronic music producer Robot KochThe Bike Song appears on ByLwansta’s SPIJØNGET (Chapter Two) as the rapper’s first international music collaboration.

 The pair got into studio in Berlin in August 2019 while ByLwansta was on a residency program hosted by the Pop-Kultur Festival. Their collaboration was facilitated and commisioned by the organizers of the festival, tasking them to create a live performance of new music that would debut at the festival. 

Robot Koch, now based in Los Angeles, flew down to Berlin for the collaboration, and scheduled some sessions at the Red Bull Studios where they would meet and Robot would showcase his productions for ByLwansta to add lyrics to. 

3 weeks prior to ByLwansta flying from South Africa, the rapper was violently mugged at gun point at Johannesburg’s Park Station on his way to catch a bus to Durban. He lost all his valuable but was left with just his guitar. Out of the many songs him and Robot would work on, ByLwansta brought that traumatic experience into their first studio session, and The Bike Song was born. 

As suggested on the song’s cover artwork by the small block of magenta, The Bike Song will be the third track on Chapter Two’s 4-track tracklist. The cover art was photographed by Paige Furness, who ByLwansta collaborated with on the cover art for Chapter One of SPIJØNGET.

Genre: Hip Hop, Alternative Hip Hop
Length: 03:01

Recorded: 2019. Johannesburg, S. Africa Berlin, Germany
: Robot Koch

Photography & Direction: Paige Furness
Design & Layout: ByLwansta