ByLwansta on Afternoon Express/SABC 3



"SPIJØNGET Chapter One, as is the case with most of the man's work, is sincere and teeming with personality—humor in the form of tongue-in-cheek lines, first-person storytelling and animated delivery are all used to give an update on what's been happening in the rapper's life"

“ByLwansta has by far reached a certain peak of pure acceptance, and if you’ve ever considered his art as some sort of fly-by-night method that you thought would’ve faded away by now, then clearly you must feel pretty whack right now.”

“Not only does ByLwansta make a transition from a rapper to a composer, but his musical direction is changed in his mood, tone and delivery, he sees life in a different way now.”

“ByLwansta isn’t the ‘lyrical-miracle’ kind of rapper who’ll out-rap you at the drop of a beat. But it’s his orthodox flow, sincere storytelling, animation, pensiveness and musicality make his music stick.”

“But perhaps what have us is his undeniable skill in storytelling and his knack for choosing compelling beats to accompany his out of the ordinary delivery.”

“He intends to reach people beyond their skin colour, cultural background, location, gender, and sexual orientation by telling a story that resonates.”